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M  Y    L  I  F  E    S  T  O  R  Y 

                    Baltimore city is known for its beautiful ports, Francis Scott Key's Star-Spangled Banner and the inner Harbor. But across MKL Boulevard, Lexington Terrace was one of the most crimes ridden and deteriorated high rise in Baltimore city.  It became a symbol for failed housing police companion by a dilapidated sense of hope for the people that live there. And this was the backdrop to artist Phillip Snead's life. In the early stages of his childhood, although face with the many adversities of his environment, he was able to develop a passion and interest and visual arts. He spent a lot of time observing and studying the skills and techniques of his aunt and uncle who were Visual artists during the Pan African movement. And surprisingly this was. 

the only direction Phil had ever received. His God-given talent as an artist became obvious and began this passionate journey to draw and paint with no formal training. Very early on Phillip saw his artistic ability as away of making it big and becoming a positive influence on the community that he loved so much. he continued to get encouragement from his mother, aunt and uncle to aggressively pursue his career in the artistic world. As long as Phillip was creating, he did not mind what medium it was in. he'd paint murals on local recreational walls, making rhinestone jackets or cut hair in his mom's kitchen. He knew that as long he was creating; he was happy.

                   After graduating Northwestern high school, he then enrolled into a trade school for home improvement, with hopes to better his future while still being creative. Unfortunately, the work was slow, so Phil decided to find another avenue for his talents.  At age 22, he was given the opportunity to becoming a license barber under a apprenticeship program in a downtown barbershop in 1991 in the 

heart of Baltimore. He was still able to use his creative and artistic abilities into his hair cutting styles; and later he became inspiration for many of barbers and stylists with his unmatchable cuts and color techniques. His trend in hair cutting massively influenced many barbers in and around the city to not just cut hair but create art with hair. So he has found yet another staple and mark is creativity by being a master barber. And now for 20 years Phillip Snead has run and owned his barbershop called Tight Image Barbershop located in historic downtown Baltimore. He used the opportunity as the owner of his own shop to display his own artwork which got the attention of many connoisseurs in and about the city. Looking around the shop his influence from favorite visual artist Salvador Dali is apparent. And his inspiration is reflected throughout all of his mixed medium work. Today Phillip Snead's career in art has taken off to new heights. His work has allotted him the opportunity to showcase at festivals and galleries all over the country. He was fortunate enough to be featured Artist on Maryland public television-ARTWORKS. And he continues to be a staple at Artscape in Baltimore, New Orleans Jazz Festival, the Essence Music Festival and Chicago African Cultural Festival.

                      Phillip Snead use of color and technique has been used for tutorials and study guide for the art student research site- THE LEARINING ACE.  Phil's creations are a reflection of light freedom and positive energy. His desire is that when people see his work, they will be in awe and amazement. Although he's from a place where there's not a lot of hope, the depth and color in the people from his surroundings helped him to see the beauty. It consistently influences his signature style with the use of vibrant colors and texture. His preference in mediums such as oil and acrylic on canvas allow him to express his thoughts along with incorporating metal, wood, sand, rope and epoxy resin to bring depth and physical reality to his pieces. Phillip Snead's career will inevitably continue to take the art world by storm and continue to bring his fans to the next level of understanding through his creative work.

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P h i l l i p  S n e a d

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